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Aug 18th
House Ceiling Lights Design

House lights design doesn’t meet a one size fits all standard. Different rooms call for different solutions, and each room has the potential for at least one out-of-the-ordinary installation. Make green decisions when you design your home lighting. Energy Star-rated compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) use up to 75 percent less energy than standard light bulbs, resulting in fewer greenhouse gas emissions and savings for consumers. Replacing one incandescent bulb with a CFL saves 400 lbs. of greenhouse gases from being released.

The Basement – Windowless basements are a challenge, especially if they have low ceilings. Using options that mimic natural light or fool the eye in other ways helps to create a more comfortable area. Use up lights in dark corners, and surround them with plants that thrive in low-light situations or arrangements of dried flowers and branches. Plants diffuse the light, and add a natural ambiance to the room. Highlight the walls by training spotlights on photos or artwork. If you have a basement home theatre, use very low wattage up lights or LED ropes along the floor for safety during viewings. Use can lights in the ceiling over pool and ping pong tables to provide direct lighting.

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The Office – Lighting is sometimes problematic in a home office, especially if it’s a converted bedroom, because the lighting wasn’t designed for a workspace. Ideally, your desk should have a light fixture directly above it, providing diffuse light. If you don’t want to rewire the room to add fixtures over the work areas, replace the existing fixtures with one that’s connected to a dimmer so you can control the brightness of the overhead lighting. Put a lamp on your desk that you can direct on your keyboard or desktop as needed, and add a floor lamp that casts indirect light over your shoulder. If your desk doesn’t face a window, create a faux window by framing a photo of the outdoors and concealing rope lights inside the frame. When the light is turned on, it resembles a daytime landscape and gives you something to look at when it’s time to rest your eyes.

The Kitchen – Bright house lights design is crucial in a kitchen. Each work area, the stove, sink and countertop areas used for food preparation, requires illumination. Your body can block the light from bright overheads and create shadows, so replace a single overhead light with can lights or track lights around the perimeter of the ceiling. Lights mounted on the underside of upper cabinets shine indirect light on countertops. Install a hood fan with a light over the stove, and consider replacing your solid cabinet doors with doors with glass inserts. Small spotlights or rope lighting in the cabinets add illumination and highlight fine china or serving pieces. Lights installed under the lower cabinet’s toe kick don’t add much light, but they are a stylish addition to the kitchen.

The Bedroom – Sometimes you need bright lighting in a bedroom; other times more intimate lighting is called for. Use bedside lamps with three-way bulbs. Put bright bulbs in closets, and have an electrician install light fixtures if you have none in your closets. Put bedroom lighting on a dimmer, so you can control the amount of light and so that people coming to bed later have enough light to get around. Build a Mondrian-style headboard for the bed with squares covered by colored paper with cool LED lighting behind them. Don’t use lighting that could burn the paper.

The Outdoors – Outdoor lighting usually focuses solely on security, with bright porch lights and garage spotlights. While security is important, lighting the landscape adds value to your home and makes your outdoor spaces inviting. Hide weatherproof spotlights with light sensors in bushes and trees that will turn on when the sun goes down. Add a splash of color to an exterior wall of the house by training a colored spotlight on it. Use a low-wattage bulb so the effect isn’t garish. Hide a spotlight in the eaves of the house, and train it on the barbecue grill for light while cooking. Hang train conductor lanterns in trees or from shepherd’s crooks designed to hold hanging plant baskets to illuminate the outdoors during parties. House lights design could reach a sophisticated and elegant look that creates an inviting atmosphere of warmth. It can create through the main lighting source in any rooms in the house.

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