How to Decorate Elegant Billiard Rooms?

Jun 10th

Fun and friends come to mind when it comes to decorating a billiard room. Let your hair down and enjoy decorating for designing elegant billiard rooms, going as formal or as casual as you like. Use colors and styles you might not use in the rest of your home for a unique look. When you’re done with the room, everyone will want to hang out there.

Elegant Billiard Rooms

How to Decorate Elegant Billiard Rooms: A Guide

Choose a color scheme for your billiard room. One option is matching the fabric color on your pool table, but you can also go with the colors of your favorite sports team or board game. Don’t be afraid to mix bold colors into the décor. Golden yellow, rich red, purple and bright blue are options that will give your room color as well as match colors of the billiard balls.

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Paint the walls a color that is inviting and fun. Choose a vibe you want to establish and go with it. Golden tones on the walls will create a warm atmosphere in the room. Off-white opens up the room and will make it feel spacious. Gray walls are cool and versatile.

Use furnishings that bring the elements of fun into your room. Casual and relaxed is the way to go in elegant billiard rooms and these styles give you plenty of options. Look for chairs that are comfortable and durable.

Arrange the room with comfort in mind. Center the table in the room and leave enough room for players to move freely. If your room is large enough, place chairs on one end of the room and place small tables in the corners.

Accessorize your room with game inspired pieces. A billiard lamp above the table is ideal, but you can create a more formal look in your room with a chandelier. Look for vintage paintings with pool table scenes. Install a flat-screen television on a wall. Shop for sports memorabilia that would make unique wall art.

Invest in durable, easy-to-maintain flooring. Low-pile carpet and vinyl are ideal choices because they are easy to clean. If your billiard room has a concrete floor, dress it up with a coat of paint.

If you enjoy throwing parties, open up your elegant billiard rooms to the rest of the house to allow people to come and go freely and fluidly. Knock out part of the wall to enlarge the doorway into a broad, open entrance or install a sliding door that retracts into the wall to make the room feel more welcoming.

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