Ideas for Pop Art Interiors

Jul 2nd
Popular Pop Art Furniture

Pop art interiors appropriates and repurposes images of people, creatures, products, symbols and objects from popular culture for use in original artwork. The pop art movement initially began in the 1950s and saw a resurgence in the 1980s. Artists such as Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, Jeff Koons and Katharina Fritsch rank among influential pop artists.

Pop art often comes in the form of paintings, sculptures and ready-made or “found” objects. Artists also use graphic design and reproduced prints to mimic the mediums that created advertisements and logos. Pop art typically incorporates bright, accessible colors that match or purposefully eschew the colors of the original image.

12 Picture Gallery: Ideas for Pop Art Interiors

Materials commonly employed in pop artwork include paper, metal, plaster and plastic. Pop art interiors can also appear in existing spaces such as rooms, installations or other structures. The tone and medium in which artists work usually dictate the materials of choice; for example, plastic and paper specifically reflect the look and feel of mass-produced items and images.

Decorating Pop Art Interiors

  • Choose the aspect of pop art that is most appealing to you and that you want to focus your theme around. According to Freshome Interior Design, the room can be too busy if you have multiple themes, so fans of music, for example, can hang replica gold albums on their walls, movie aficionados might hang classic posters and individuals who love characters from popular culture can adorn their walls with their favorite celebrities.
  • Select the piece of pop art you want to incorporate into your room. Because these prints are oftentimes quite large and the colors are bold and vibrant, choose one large piece or a couple of smaller pieces in the same theme. These pieces are unique and can stand alone as the center of attention, so they do not need to be overwhelmed with additional artwork.

Pop Art Inspired Bedroom

  • Paint your walls a neutrally colored paint that will not clash or take away from the colorful pop artwork; for instance, hanging Andy Warhol’s hot pink print of Marilyn Monroe on a red or pink wall would minimize the dramatic effect of the design. A simple white or black palate will let the piece stand center stage. If you do want to incorporate additional paint colors, consider painting an adjacent accent wall with complementary colors.

Pop Art Interior Decoration

  • Hang the artwork in the room giving it a prime position on the wall. If you are using a poster or print, frame the art to give it a more professional and finished look.

Pop Art Wall Design

  • Accessorize the room with smaller decorative items, using inspiration from the pop art theme, as well as the color palate introduced in the artwork. These items can include furniture, pillows and decorative trinkets.

Retro and Pop Art Design

This genre is also known for its bold and vibrant colors, making it an excellent decorative accessory in your home or office. Following some decorating tips and guidelines for including pop art interiors in your next room makeover will help you maximize the aesthetic benefits of the artwork and create a space that you love.

Ideas for pop art interiors,

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