Romantic Bedroom Colors for Increasing Your Romance

Aug 20th

Adding a bit of romance to your bedroom can be as simple as changing the color on your walls, adding a mirror or even hanging a painting. The word “romance” can encompass a lot—from having a space where you can share a private, relaxing conversation to creating eroticism and stimulating sexuality. When choosing romantic bedroom colors, you should keep in mind that the room’s main function is as a place to sleep. Pick and choose your colors accordingly. You can still have a spicy, erotic room while making it a comfortable place to casually hang out and rest.

Romantic Bedroom Colors For Master Bedrooms

List of Romantic Bedroom Colors

Passionate Red – From scarlet to burgundy, red is a bold, romantic bedroom color. Because red has a stimulating effect, it transforms a boudoir into a passionate place, but it’s best to use this color sparingly. If you opt for red paint, stick with an accent wall. If you don’t want to paint, red-patterned bedding, curtains and accents are often enough to add spice to your bedroom without creating a jarring effect.

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Soothing Blue – Just about any shade of blue can give your room a calmer vibe, and feeling relaxed is a must when it comes to romance. You can pair soft blue walls with crisp white bedding and accents to create a classic romantic room that especially appeals to men. Add sheer white flowing curtains to allow filtered light to enter the room even when the lights are off.

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Peaches and Cream – Guys usually run the other direction when it comes to the color pink, but it’s possible to bring this hue into the bedroom in a way that doesn’t look feminine. When used on walls, pinks and peaches create a flattering environment for all skin tones, which certainly doesn’t hurt when you’re hoping to get close. Pick a pale peach for walls; it works surprisingly well as a neutral. Pair it with dark wood furnishings and creamy ivory bedding for a soft, yet man-friendly appeal.

Smooth Brown – Brown may not be the first color that comes to mind when you think of romance, but when brown is reminiscent of everyone’s favorite aphrodisiac — chocolate — it can be a sweet, sensual color for romantic bedroom decor. Like peachy hues, brown looks even smoother paired with creamy ivory. Try using a few red accents with brown walls for a rich look that makes every day feel like Valentine’s Day.

Mysterious Purple – Create a more exotic bedroom with shades of lavender, violet or plum. Lighter shades are soft and romantic; deeper shades inspire passion. Try using lighter shades on walls to avoid an overwhelming feel, and use deeper tones for accents.

Enhancing a Romantic Decor – No matter what color you paint your bedroom walls, there are some additional things you can do to make your sleeping space more romantic. Incorporate sensual fabrics — silk, chenille, high thread-count cottons — and soft lighting. Add scented candles to bring a warm glow and an alluring fragrance to the room.

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Paintings and photographs can make the perfect statement of romantic bedroom colors to create allure, mystery, eroticism and elegance to any room. Avoid artwork depicting violence or anything that may be offensive, as it may kill the mood. Nudes, landscapes and portraits are all good choices to help turn on the romance. If you are not sure where to start with finding paintings, here is a list of inspiring paintings. “Reclining Nude” by Amadeo Modigliani sets the mood for sensuality, as does Gustav Courbet’s “Nude Woman Reclining.” “Matamoe” by Gauguin is a wildly vivid landscape filled with sensual colors, and “Girl With Pearl Earring” by Vermeer is a shyly sensual portrait.

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